AI voice for your creative projects

Create naturally expressive voice overs and performances with a Replica Voice.

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What's a
Replica Voice?

It’s your AI voice clone. We capture your unique speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotional range to create a realistic Replica Voice.

Upload recordings or perform one of our scripts to create your own Replica Voice.

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Replica Voice
We've used artificial intelligence to create a Replica Voice you can use in your projects, by replicating a real voice-over artist.

Natural voice for software, hardware or creative projects

When you have something to say, an AI generated Replica Voice provides a realistic vocal performance.

Replicate your voice
Replica Voice

Smart speaker skills

Entertain the world with Alexa Skills & voice games powered by your own voice. Human-like inflections and tones bring your smart speaker skills to life.

Voice interfaces

Replica provides high-quality branded voices for your conversational interfaces. Deliver more natural sounding and conversational agents with custom voices.


Help your robotic projects sound more humanlike. Replica brings a new level of control and opens up a new world of possibilities for robot communication.

Software products

Developers - engage users and customers with Replica Voices embedded in your software projects. Brands - dynamically generate natural sounding speech for broadcasting and publishing applications.


Discover a new way to integrate weird and wonderful voice samples into your music. We provide a unique opportunity to accelerate content creation and experimentation for music artists. Avoid expensive vocal sample licensing.


Your book deserves something better than a fake robotic text-to-speech voice. Find a world class Replica Voice to narrate your written content. Have a great voice for narration? Earn money by licensing your voice for publishers.

Quickly prototype scripts & voice performances

Accelerate your content creation and experimentation with Replica’s realistic text-to-speech.

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Replica Studio


No need to force players to read walls of text. Stories can be developed iteratively with character dialogue produced rapidly and inexpensively.

Film & Animation

Optimise the script review process when actors are unavailable or during the script drafting process. Access a wider range of voices when you're on a budget or working alone.


Create personalised audio promotional material that's relevant to the individual listener—in the voice of the artist, advertiser, streamer or podcast host. It's audio advertising at scale.

Dynamically generated text-to-speech

Bringing your idea to life with our dynamic speech generation API — build for scale and integrates directly into your project.

Integrate Replica API
Replica API


Bring your games to life with dynamically generated speech without pre-recording lines. We're creating a world where dialog is created on the the fly depending on your play style, making each player’s experience unique.

Dynamic voice advertising

Scale your voice by generating personalised voice advertising. Engage fans through personalised content. We're only scratching the surface on what's going to be possible.

Enterprise integrations

We will keep you posted - due to security concerns we are working with trusted partners before we release an Alpha, sign up to that waitlist to let us know about your project.

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Create your own Replica Voice or try out our default voices.
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