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Pick a voice. Add some Text. Create high quality, expressive voice overs.

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  • Rapid Prototyping

    Go from script to dialog in seconds. Experiment and be creative with dialog, and export your speech files in high quality audio formats.

  • Emotion and Mood

    Express yourselves with a wide range of emotion controls in Studios. You can choose from a palette of basic styles, or create your own expressive style!

  • Create with your own Voices

    Can't find the right voice? You can record your own voice or invite your Voice Artist to collaborate with you. You can also upload files for voices that you own, and have secure access to them in Studios.

Watch our Celebrity Replica video

We replicated the voices of a few celebrities from interviews we found on youtube.

DISCLAIMER : This is a technical demonstration. All IP remains the property of the owner. Content does not represent approval or endorsement by the owner. These voices are not made available to the public via our product.

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