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Introducing Replica Studios 0.1.0—the future of AI voice in games and films.

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Our biggest
update ever

Introducing Replica Studios v0.1.0—the future of AI voice in games and films.

  • Create unlimited projects and craft your scenes
  • Develop your own characters and give them a voice
  • Export directly into Unreal Engine, Unity, iClone, + More
  • Select from a growing library of 40+ AI voice actors
    (with hundreds more in development)

With the release of Projects + Scenes, Replica Studios is now a fully featured digital voice studio, powerful enough for studios of any size to create and manage voices in their projects.

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Replica Studio

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Digital Voice Studio

Replica Studios helps you to write your script, find the perfect
AI voice actor, and export into your project.

Keep your projects organised

Keep your projects

Our most requested feature is here! You can now create unlimited projects.

Keep your projects organised
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Craft your story with scenes

Craft your story

Craft your story using

Each project can have multiple scenes,
perfect for large projects.


Create characters

Create characters +
audition AI Voice Actors

Develop your own characters and cast the perfect AI voice actor from the 40+ available.

Create characters

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AI voices

An ever-growing
AI Voice Actor

With 40+ voices and more being
added weekly, our AI Voice Actor
Library is growing at a rapid rate.

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